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This is the story of two very different families, both with the same father, who's lives collide after tragedy strikes.

On the one hand there's Joe, an elusive character with a shady background and a drug-addled mother, and on the other hand is Karen & young Nathan, who grew up without a single want, privileged & pampered.

Through a series of events these characters are hurled together & an unlikely unit is formed. Then in steps Fino, a charmer with very dark intentions.

Just as lives are being rebuilt, their world begins to fall apart.

Drugs, sex, revenge & intimidation collide to tear down all that has been achieved. With violence staring them in the face, a life or death choice must be made.

All hangs in the balance.

Is this makeshift family doomed?

Look To the Son is an independent Irish feature film in pre-production. It is a mixed genre piece with elements of Drama, Comedy & Social Realism.


The film will not be shot on DSLR & we are pushing for a theatrical release.

We have a number of unique selling points, the first is that we will be the first feature in the world to shoot entirely on the new Digital Bolex!

Our production is all about heart, soul, professionalism & passion. We are mixing emerging talent with experienced cast & crew.

Look To The Son
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