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Thank You!

Our first backer - Craig Bartlett aka Shin. Thank You!​  Huge Thank You from Look to the Son to Ciaran McHale, our latest Indie Go Go backer! There will be extra goodies for both Ciaran & Craig!​  Look to the Son would like to Thank Joe Rubinstein, a very talented guy and one of the creators of the Digital Bolex. Joe has shown his support for this project right from the beginning, and he has now also backed us on Indie Go Go.   We extend our Thanks to Aidan Duffy! Aidan will receive some extra goodies! Two extra spots left on Indie Go Go!

A huge Thank You to Paul Brown, our first FundIt backer!  Also Madeleine McGauley - Thank You! 

Our third backer Kevin McGee, Thank You!​  Massive shout out & huge Thanks to our very generous anonymous backers & Mammy & Gigi Harris, Thank You all!​  Aria Black is our latest backer - Thank You!​  We would like to Thank  - Harris DrainTech Ltd., George Gill & William Harvard, Thank You!​     Lisa McDonagh - Thank You! ​ We would like to Thank Misty Dawn for backing Look to the Son!

To our latest generous backer - Curtis Morris - a very Big Thank You!Huge Thanks to another anonymous backer & also Huge Thanks to Susan Barrett!​  Our gratitude & Thanks to The Hit Producer & Mark Birney!


The release date for the Digital Bolex has been pushed to November 2013.  More to news to follow. Thanks!

Please check out this article - IFTN    Thank you Eva @ The Irish Film & Television Network!

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