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The first official cast member is the amazing Nathan Harris! See him here in Sam. Nathan's character is also called NATHAN.​


Megan Keegan was spotted by us in the Smock Alley play "Blood Wedding." We were so impressed by her performance that we wrote a role into the script, just for her! She plays JOY.

Look To The Son would like to welcome Alicja Ayres! Alicja will play CLAIRE in the film. Alicja came to our first casting session and although it was a tough decision, she managed to bring a quality to the character that shone through and landed her the role.

Brian O'Riordan is our fourth official cast member. Brian will play FINO in the film. So far this has been the toughest role to cast, due to the complex nature of the character. Welcome aboard Brian!

Cast & Crew

LTTS would like to welcome to the cast -

David J. Martin who will play DESSIE BEAR in the film and Alan Deleney playing ANTO.




Liam O'Maoldhomhnaigh who will play the character of WILLY & Denise O'Connor, who will play MARGARET. 

This film will be the first feature for many of the cast.

Steve Harris will play the role of JOE. Steve also wrote the short story that Look to the Son is based upon.

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